Sean Taylor Trial Jury Selection Began Today

Eric Rivera

Eric Rivera

Six years ago NFL safety Sean Taylor was killed in his home. Today, the first of the defendants in the case finally began trial. There has been relatively little news about the preamble to the case, as the judge put a gag order on all parties, and has limited what information can be disclosed. At this stage, I don’t even know what defense to expect, as so little information has trickled out.

The first trial is of the alleged shooter, Eric Rivera. Friends of Crimcourts, Chris Brown and Janese Caruthers are slated to represent Mr. Rivera, last I heard. All the Defendants are from the Fort Myers area. Since Mr. Rivera was a minor at the time of the shooting, he is ineligible for the death penalty. Normally a first degree murder case, including felony murder cases such as this, mandate an automatic life sentence in Florida. Recent court decisions may prevent the life sentence from being automatic, but it remains a strong possibility if Mr. Rivera and the others are convicted. He faces a 25 year minimum under the 10-20-Life law. Jury selection is expected to take most of the week, and the trial will continue at least into next week.

UPDATE: Finally, here’s some video from the courtroom yesterday:


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