FHP Trooper Charged with Three Counts of Grand Theft #badcops

Robert Purser

Robert Purser

FHP Trooper Robert Purser set up a company for his side business of scheduling off-duty troopers for details closing down roads. That was legit; but over-billing the construction companies was not. Authorities allege Purser over-billed by more than $200,000 over several years. Purser was dismissed by the agency Wednesday, after 23 years of service.

My first take upon seeing the headline, that billing issues sound more like a civil contract issue than a criminal issue. But delving further, the state may have enough information to show legitimate fraudulent activity. They served the warrant back in January of 2012, and allege that they found fake invoices at his home for work that was never done. That may be consistent with criminal fraud. The article doesn’t indicate whether the trooper was still working in the year-and-a-half-plus that he was being investigated. That could be a lot of cases out the window.

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