Sheriff’s Office Arrests Men as Favor

LCSO wants people to know that there has been a rash of robberies. How did they let them know? They set up an undercover sting operation and arrested nine men for soliciting prostitution. That’s all well and good LCSO, but don’t pretend that this sting operation was a goodwill gesture to these guys. “Aren’t you lucky you didn’t get robbed… now go to jail and we’ll publish your names on Facebook.”

Of course, they could’ve published a press release about the rash of robberies. I’ve seen it on TV (Elementary did an episode about that last season,) but I haven’t heard of any reports of it actually happening. LCSO is more interested in making some misdemeanor arrests and issuing press releases than helping out these johns! They may be breaking the law, but its preposterous to claim that the sting was done, “In an attempt to make the public aware about a rash of robberies.” Don’t pretend that, “the reason for the operation was because more and more “johns” have been robbed.” If that was the case, you wouldn’t have arrested these guys. Also guys, prostitution is illegal: don’t do it. Police love to put up prostitution sting photos…

Also, the headline, “Nine Arrested for Naughty Acts” is cute. Thanks LCSO public info team for making me smile at that.


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