Thoughts Coming on Zimmerman Verdict

I’m on vacation this weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to put my thoughts down on the verdict. I will say I am not surprised, nor should be anyone who has followed the coverage on this blog. I am surprised how many people have expressed their shock: the verdict was not surprising based on the facts and law. The Miami Herald has a good break down of why the defense was successful. This is a good starting point for the case analysis:
My review will follow soon, including why this is not a stand your ground issue.

One response to “Thoughts Coming on Zimmerman Verdict

  1. Detective Mark Fuhrman said it best:

    “I think this whole issue on who is crying for help is completely irrelevant. George Zimmerman actually stimulated this contact so there is something that caused this altercation to begin. Now it was either the statement, “I have a gun, don’t come closer”, displaying a gun, but Trayvon Martin does not seem to be the type of person that is going to look at somebody and charge and start pumelling them with his fists.”

    Truth Hurts

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