Zimmerman Trial Update

The prosecution finally scored some points the last couple of days* with the testimony of police Investigator Chris Serino. He asked Zimmerman some more pointed questions in his lengthy interviews, and challenged Zimmerman on following Mr. Martin that night. However, the testimony was not all favorable for the State, and the Defense continued to score points. The detective admitted the physical evidence was consistent with Zimmerman’s claim that Martin was on top of him when he shot. And the State continues to stress that Martin was not committing a crime that night, which is ultimately irrelevant to whether Zimmerman was justified in the force he used. At times it seemed like the prosecutor was challenging his own witnesses, which has frequently been the tenor of the State’s case.

Zimmerman with Attorney Mark O'Mara

Zimmerman with Attorney Mark O’Mara

I want to mention how impressed I have been at how defense attorney Mark O’Mara has conducted the defense of this case.  His demeanor with the witnesses must be endearing to the jury. His questions consistently ask for positive responses, so time and time again the State’s witnesses agree with what he says, or at least he conveys that impression. It’s a stark contrast to Mr. De La Rionda, who is very blustery, and has frequently seemed agitated with his own witnesses. Mr. O’Mara is putting on a trial clinic so far this case.

*Ironically, while the State as scored some points, and definitely had a couple of improved days of testimony this week, even this article was titled, “Prosecutor, Police Officer at Odds in Zimmerman Trial”

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