George Zimmerman’s Statement is Being Played for the Jury : UPDATE

The recorded interview that George Zimmerman gave to police that night was just played for the jury. The description he gave of the events appears to be consistent with earlier testimony. He says that Mr. Martin sucker punched him while he was trying to dial police on his phone. He description of the fight is consistent with John Good’s testimony law week.

UPDATE: They put in Zimmerman’s written statement as well, which was basically consistent. The statement included Zimmerman describing how his neighbor’s house had been broken into when she and her child were home. The State seems to be pushing this evidence to show that Zimmerman was out to get the then unknown person walking around his neighborhood. However, I think this might impress on the jury that there had been crime in the area. The State proved that Zimmerman had reason to be concerned about an unknown individual acting strangely in the neighborhood. It still doesn’t prove that he wanted to kill the person, rather that he called the cops.


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