Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Are Going After Gay People (Still)

While it was a big day yesterday for supporters of gay rights, with two victories in the Supreme Court, persecution still exists right here in Southwest Florida. Just Tuesday, a Charlotte County Sheriffs detective conducted an undercover sting explicitly designed to target homosexuals. The detective posed undercover as a gay man, and deliberately tried to attract gay men. He flirted with a man who was hitting on him until the man touched his crotch area. He then arrested the man for Battery.

This is the second time CCSO detectives have carried out this type of sting operation in the past week or so. The report indicates that law enforcement was investigating possible illegal sex activities. However, this guy, and the guy last week, were not charged with illegal sex activities. These guys were entrapped to commit battery. They were set up by a flirty undercover to think he was initiating foreplay. It’s textbook entrapment, and CCSO is spending our tax dollars to set up these undercover stings. This isn’t new; CCSO has been running these stings for years. It’s time somebody called them out for their discriminatory targeting of homosexuals, and their unlawful techniques in doing so. Nobody has ever prosecuted a hot chick who touched a guy, and for the undercover to act like he is interested in the target to entice touching is reprehensible. That CCSO is spending money on this is ridiculous.

That the first guy is still sitting in jail from his set up is shocking. He pled out at first appearance, without the advice of an attorney. He has been locked up since then, and will also have to do probation after his release. He has no apparent local criminal history before he was set up. That’s what the Sheriff’s office banks on, that these targets will just plead out and not fight the case. Meanwhile, the media regurgitates the CCSO press release.

It’s worth noting that Florida still has a law against “Unnatural and Lascivious” acts, F.S. 800.02, which theoretically would outlaw any homosexual contact. As far as I can tell, there are no reported cases for simple homosexual contact, but the law is still on the books. It could conceivably be applied to quite a bit of heterosexual activity as well. Imagine that… criminalizing consensual adult behavior.


2 responses to “Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputies Are Going After Gay People (Still)

  1. Nathan Householter

    How can this even be legal? This type of law practice should be outlawed. I also feel it’s wrong for law officials to “pretend” to be prostitutes, drug dealers, etc…

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