Chad Johnson Asks Judge to Reconsider Butt-Slap Jail Sentence

Chad Johnson’s attorney (the slappee) filed a motion on Johnson’s behalf to ask the judge to reconsider the 30 day jail sentence she imposed after he slapped his lawyer on the backside in court. I think the attorney makes a pretty compelling argument, per USA Today, “”Mr. Johnson has been a professional football player in the National Football League for 11 years and patting another individual on the backside is viewed as a sign of respect and gratitude,” he said in the motion. “It is clear that the court misinterpreted Mr. Johnson’s interaction with his attorney.”” Of course, I thought that the jail probably wasn’t appropriate if he wasn’t going to jail before the slap.

If the clap rose to the level of disrespect that warranted jail time, it should have been handled as contempt of court. If not, then the agreed upon sentence should probably have been accepted. Respect and Gratitude!

Also, Deadspin has more on the rookie judge who bench-slapped Johnson. Turns out, she is legally blind.


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