Don’t Slap Your Lawyer’s Butt : Things Not To Do

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) was all set to accept a plea deal on his violation of probation case when he stepped in front of  Miami judge today. Before the judge sentenced him to counseling and further probation, she asked if he was satisfied with his attorney’s representation, a standard inquiry from the court. Johnson responded that he was satisfied, and then gave his lawyer a friendly pat on the ass. The courtroom burst out with laughter, and the judge burst out with anger. She was so upset she rejected the plea offer, and sentenced him to 30 days in jail. That’s got to be the first time someone ever showed their attorney so much appreciation that they went to jail for it.

Johnson, a former professional athlete (and aspiring soccer player), spent his entire professional career in which a common sign of appreciation between teammates is a butt-slap… essentially the universally recognized sign for “good game”. If Johnson’s transgressions did not warrant jail time before, they probably should not have after the “good game”. Perhaps because it caused a commotion in the courtroom did it anger the judge more than it probably should have, and it certainly didn’t make it look like Johnson was taking the situation seriously. Conversely, locking the guy up for a month is probably taking the ill-advised gesture too seriously.

Deadspin has a GIF, here.

4 responses to “Don’t Slap Your Lawyer’s Butt : Things Not To Do

  1. burtonpowell57

    Well this not good and i think these things should not be done as it is court room and if you make judge angry then no one can save you.

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