O.J.Simpson Back in Court Today

O.J. Simpson Prison Photo

O.J. Simpson Prison Photo

O.J. Simpson will be back in court today for a post-conviction motion on his Nevada robbery conviction. It’s a long shot motion, and really O.J.’s last ditch shot to get out of prison earlier than the minimum 9 years he must serve before he is eligible for parole. The co-defendant who was convicted with him at trial was previously released after his conviction was overturned on appeal, leaving O.J. as the only one of the robbers serving time for the robbery.
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One response to “O.J.Simpson Back in Court Today

  1. It is really sad to see the downward spiral of people like this and not just because he is a celebrity. You can only hope that people will learn from mistakes they have made but in cases like this it just doesn’t seem to work.

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