Ryan Costello Got 30 Years in his Child’s Death

Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello was found guilty several weeks ago for the death of his 11-week old child, Darwin. He was found Not Guilty of the most serious charge, second degree murder. The jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter, as well as Child Abuse and Tampering with Evidence. Crimcourts was unable to cover the sentencing, which took place a couple of weeks later. 

Costello was given thirty years on the manslaughter charge; the maximum possible sentence. That sentence was twice as long as basic manslaughter, because the aggravating factor that the victim was a child increases the charge to a first degree felony. Had he been convicted of the murder, Costello could have been facing a life sentence. The judge dismissed the child abuse count, presumably because it was subsumed by the manslaughter charge, and gave Costello a concurrent 5 years on the evidence tampering charge.



One response to “Ryan Costello Got 30 Years in his Child’s Death

  1. Yvonne Montes De Oca

    Wow I can’t believe it , this guy worked with me a while back at THE SANDY BUTLER her in fort Myers fl as a server , am in shock 0__o

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