Killers Sentenced for the Murder of Mary Ann Zarb


Shane Simpkins

Shane Simpkins

Shane Simpkins, who was convicted at trial a few weeks ago for the murder of Estero grandmother Mary Ann Zarb, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday. His co-defendant, Christopher Neuberger was also sentenced . However, Neuberger’s plea was pursuant to a negotiated deal with the state. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, followed by ten years probation, in part thanks to his agreeing to testify against Simpkins. Without his testimony, it would have been difficult for the prosecutors to tie Simpkins to the actual killing.

Christopher Neuberger

Christopher Neuberger

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One response to “Killers Sentenced for the Murder of Mary Ann Zarb

  1. I really don’t appriciate people making rude comments and accusations about something they know nothinig about. I personally know shane he is my best friend, and the shane I know would not do this. I also feel that shane is the victim. Mary anne zarb was a licensed realestate agent, and the improvements that she wanted done to this property required permits. Well i had the property appraiser or the planning and zoning dept in lee county pull the tax records on this property. well the house was built in 1997 and there was nothing on file for the time of this arrangement she had with shane and chris. I think she had other plans for shane. I think she had a hidden agenda, she lost her husband and i think to make her feel good about herself she wanted to do other things to shane I think she was trying to feel young again and i feel she was using shane for her sexual pleasure and that is why she gave him money, between that and maybe he was doing some demolition work or prep work so she could save money. aand the actual job that need a professional contracter so i feel she used shane for both. like i said not too many people know shane like i do so please before you pass judgement on someone try to know the facts not just your opinion of someone you just read about in the paper I know him personally I just have a hard time dealing with people talking bad about someone I love and care about so please I am asking you do not talk bad about someone that I care so much about thank you Justin

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