Lock Down Your Tide- It’s a Thing

Tide Bottle

Tide Bottle

A 53-year old man in Minneapolis, Patrick Costanzo, has been accused of stealing $25,000 worth of Tide in the last couple of years. He would fill up shopping carts full of the detergent, plus paper towels, soda, and toilet paper. Said investigator Sean Melville of the West St. Paul police, “I hope for his own sake he’s not using that much toilet paper everyday.” That would also equal a lot of loads of laundry.

I thought it was crazy when reports came out about a rash of Tide thefts: drug dealers are using the red bottles as currency. Apparently, it has become such an issue that stores in Cincinnati are putting alarms on their Tide, or otherwise locking them down. I’m waiting for the government to pass some new detergent control laws to crack down on this!




One response to “Lock Down Your Tide- It’s a Thing

  1. really using them as money? why? do they use it to hide the drugs in? really weird.

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