Neuberger Takes the Stand in Simpkins Murder Trial


Shane Simpkins

Shane Simpkins

Convicted co-defendant Christopher Neuberger took the stand today against Shane Simpkins, in the trial for the murder of late Estero resident Mary Ann Zarb. Reports seem to indicate he wasn’t the strongest witness, but he was an important one for the state. First, while he didn’t describe the murder, he basically pinned it on Simpkins. Secondly, he had to convince the jury that he had nothing to do with the killing, as Simpkins had previously claimed. We won’t know how effective the jury found his testimony until they get a chance to render their verdict, probably later this week.

Today’s events also took a turn when Mr. Simpkins attempted to fire his attorney mid-trial. He was apparently not satisfied with the questions his attorney was asking. His attorney had specifically been barred from bringing up Mr. Neuberger’s own previous charges for murder, for which he was acquitted a few years ago. The judge has not allowed Mr. Simpkins to replace his attorney at this time.

One response to “Neuberger Takes the Stand in Simpkins Murder Trial

  1. More footage in the WINK story: Neuberger is very squirrelly on the stand. Answering very tersely, and fidgeting greatly:

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