Paul Bergrin Prosecution Rests, Defense Case Begins Today

Paul Bergrin Illustration

Paul Bergrin Illustration

The government has rested their case, after more than six weeks of testimony and more than fifty witnesses against Paul Bergrin. Mr. Bergrin, who had been a successful trial attorney prior to his charges, is defending himself against dozens of counts including murder, attempted murder, and racketeering. He has listed multiple witnesses, and his defense case is expected to take weeks, as well.

Several of the witnesses he has listed are also felons or accused criminals, and the court has arranged for standby attorneys to be present in the even that one of the witnesses needs counsel. If his witnesses invoke their 5th Amendment rights, it can cut both ways for Mr. Bergrin. There may be some witnesses that he wants to speak to present certain evidence to the jury. However, other witnesses may look guilty if they invoke their rights, and he may be able to create doubt of his own guilt if the other witnesses refuse to answer the tough questions. has been covering this trial since the beginning, and has a good collection of stories detailing the progress of the case.

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