Ryan Costello Murder Deliberations to Continue Tomorrow

Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello

The jury has broken for tonight, and will reconvene tomorrow morning to continue deliberations. It is a difficult case to decide, as it turns primarily on the credibility of the child’s parents Mr. Costello and Whitney Simonsen, who are essentially pointing the finger at one another.

Whitney Simonsen

Whitney Simonsen

Closing arguments were earlier today, wrapping up in early afternoon before the case was turned over to the jury to deliberate. Crimcourts wishes that I could have spent more time watching the trial, as the attorneys are some of the most respected attorneys in Southwest Florida, including lead prosecutor Bob Lee and lead defense attorney Wilbur Smith. Both sides were well represented by their respective counsel. I stopped by after my own court today, but the case was wrapping up. The verdict will likely come tomorrow, but it could stretch out even further.

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