CNN Opinion Piece on Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman

This article on doesn’t shed any new light on the facts, but I figured I’d share it for those who hadn’t seen it yet. The Washington Post article he links to is worth a look as well. The author, Touré, claims that he is not prejudging Mr. Zimmerman, but repeatedly refers to his vigilantism. I fear that too many articles clamoring for justice for Travyon may incite negative reactions if Mr. Zimmerman is found not guilty. Justice may mean that George Zimmerman should go free, and we should wait for the issue to be heard in court. Sadly, regardless of the verdict, those who have already made up their minds will probably not accept the outcome. I hope those who end up upset voice their displeasure in positive, lawful ways. It’s entirely possible that Zimmerman could walk, and I fear a violent response by people who have already mentally convicted him. It is a shame prosecutor Angela Corey didn’t include a grand jury in her filing process, as it seems to me that the second degree murder charge she is seeking is a reach. I urge everyone to hold back their judgment on the case until the process is complete. The immunity hearing is set for late April, and the trial is presently targeted for June.


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