Angela Corey to Personally Prosecute Michael Dunn Shooting

Angela Corey

Angela Corey

Michael Dunn has been accused of murder for shooting at a car full of teenagers, killing 17 year-old Jordan Davis. The alleged victim’s friends say Mr. Dunn became enraged and shot them because they were playing music too loudly, while Mr. Dunn says they pointed a firearm at him, and that he was acting in self-defense. The State Attorney for the circuit, Angela Corey, has announced she will be personally handling the prosecution. We have discussed Ms. Corey multiple times on this blog, including highlighting how her aggressive tactics recently caused a murder conviction to be overturned.

Ms. Corey was also recently in the news for using $235,000 in taxpayer dollars to upgrade her pension payout for she and her chief assistant, as pointed out by blogger Matt Dixon. She has been criticized many times for her demeanor, as laid out by blogger Ron Littlepage, and overseen some highly controversial prosecutions, such as Cristian Fernandez, Kenitra Casper and Marissa Alexander. A petition to have her removed from office has already garnered over 1,000 supporters. Her personal handling of the Dunn case and her involvement on the George Zimmerman case promise to add intrigue to some of the most heated cases pending in Florida.

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