Sheriff Mike Scott May Have Issued His Own Angry, Ranting Press Release

John Rupolo, who has been let go by Fox 4

John Rupolo, who has been let go by Fox 4

Former Fox 4 reporter John Rupolo was arrested early this morning in Lee County for a violation of an injunction. This wouldn’t normally be the kind of news I’d cover on Crimcourts, except my sources have indicated that Sheriff Mike Scott took it upon himself to send a ranting email to several media contacts in Southwest Florida. Scott has had a chilly relationship with the media, in particular the News-Press, and he singles out one of their former reporters in his “Press Release.” It really comes across as a person beef, as opposed to informational. It’s sarcastic in tone, and such press-releases would generally be handled by LCSO’s public information office. There is concern that this reflects poorly on Scott’s professionalism. On the other hand, it’s good that he is communicating with the media. The purported email from Scott was forwarded to Crimcourts, and I will post it below. Fox 4 indicates that Rupolo has been let go.

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott

The following email is reportedly from Sheriff Mike Scott:

Subject: High-Profile Inmate

I would imagine you know by now that John Rupolo is in our corner (the corner of MLK and Monroe) following his early morning arrest for violating a Domestic Violence Injunction for Protection.  He has a $15,000 dollar bond and may miss your 6 o’clock broadcast.  You and your media counterparts copied here are always very quick to publicize arrests of high-profile folks like athletes, teachers, coaches, firemen, cops, and even former Commissioner Bigelow’s young friend.  Heck, I recall a recent instance where the News-Press reported on the arrest of a “former Deputy” who had not been employed as such for more than ten (10) years.

Attached for reference is the criminal history of former News-Press buffoon Larry Alan Cook aka Sam Cook and I recall a notable absence of media coverage when I exposed Larry to you last year and just before he retired.  Granted, his crimes (including leaving a human being on the roadside after striking him with his vehicle in a drunken stupor) were some time ago; however, it may have been of interest to our community that he hid behind an alias for all those years and begged the question and high likelihood that the News-Press knew that their critical watchdog was a former felon himself…the ultimate hypocrisy.

Anyway, I will be interested to see how or if the arrest of this high-profile, local critic John Rupolo is covered by you and your counterparts copied here.  Maybe you can even solicit public opinion?  You know, accost people in a Publix parking lot and ask them what they think until you find a couple that fit well for your spin or perhaps invite online comments to gin up some controversy.  Either way, I am sure you will give this high-profile arrest its due because you media types always call it as you see it; fair and balanced.  I notice it’s not on your website yet.

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4 responses to “Sheriff Mike Scott May Have Issued His Own Angry, Ranting Press Release

  1. local defense attorney

    I generally disagree with Sheriff Scott on many things in his department. But I think this letter is spot on and the ironic tone entirely appropriate. Funny how no major local media outlet has reported this arrest.

  2. Also, if I was his defense attorney, I’d be screaming bias and waving the “press release” in front of the jury! (provided I could link up the relevance and authenticate- but bias is worth of some leeway.) It sure looks bad.

  3. You have got to be kidding me. This is a redneck, former traffic cop with a masters degree from an unaccredited university (which failed by the way…so bad that it was unaccredited and it failed), that is whining like a spoiled child who is complaining that his parents love another child more. This guy is a cop? You think he has it right on? Where I come from this guy would be laughed at publically and ridiculed by the media for such childish and immature behavior. Holy crap what a compliant and wishy wash media there is down here. This guy is a joke and could not survive anywhere outside of Lee County. He is complaining about a DUI with an injured person and Mike Scott was best friends with Dick Spence, money launderer for the Cali Cartel?

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