Oakland Raider Arrested for Telling Cops is Name is F*** Y’all

Florence, KY Water Tower

Florence, KY Water Tower

We speak y’all where I’m from in Kentucky. Just down the road from where I grew up, traveler’s are greeted to the world’s best water tower with “Florence Y’all” written larger than life. Still, this is the most creative, and dumbest use of a y’all I’ve ever seen.

Deadspin has the full story, but basically, when Raider Rolando McClain was given a citation for illegal window tint (he claims he has a medical waiver), he signed the citation Fuck Y’all. I’m not sure that rises to the level of a crime, but it certainly sounds like giving a false name when he proceeds to tell the officer that Fuck Y’all is, in fact, his name. Oops. He posted bond and was released. #thingsnottodo


Rolando McClain, in an Earlier Mug Shot

Rolando McClain, in an Earlier Mug Shot


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