Minnesota Man Charged for Videotaping Police

Andrew Henderson picture from twincities.com

Andrew Henderson picture from twincities.com

Andrew Henderson, of Little Canada, saw some police action outside his apartment and turned on his video camera. Police frisked a bloodied man, and put him in an ambulance, then walked over to Henderson, and took his camera. A week later, he was charged with obstruction of a legal process, and disorderly conduct. The cop cited a HIPAA violation on her report, though HIPAA definitely does not apply to citizen journalists. The Drudge Report suggests he was charged under a health care law, but he was not charged under the health care law, merely some state misdemeanor charges. Cops keep thinking they can charge people for videotaping in public, which is almost never possible. Henderson says he wants to defend himself, though it would behoove him to have a good lawyer. Either way, I wish him luck. Fighting these types of cases is the only way for law enforcement to learn not to step on people’s rights in this way.



3 responses to “Minnesota Man Charged for Videotaping Police

  1. I recently had to do some research for work on video recording and sound recording. In Texas it is legal to record sound without notifying someone they are being recorded. I understand that in different states these rules change where if someone records without sound is it lawful, but can have a camera seized if it is recording for sound. I believe Federal Law minimally requires “one party consent” while different states have imposed “two party consent”. As far as video is concerned I didn’t see much in the way of barring recording with or without consent.

  2. An update: Andrew Henderson was found not guilty after a two-day jury trial on Thursday, February 27. The jury took a mere 90 minutes to render their decision.

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