Tommy Kollman update 1/3/13

Tommy Kollman

Tommy Kollman

LCSO has released 911 calls from the neighbors who overheard the deputy-involved shooting that left Thomas Kollman dead a few weeks ago.  The calls don’t appear to give much information about the incident; just neighbors reporting shots fired.  The investigation is still open, which means the paperwork is still sealed. LCSO indicates they will hand over their investigation to the State Attorney’s Office for review when complete. That’s frustrating for the friends and family of Mr. Kollman, several of whom have reached out to Crimcourts, but that is the process in Florida.

I do wish LCSO would allow another agency to handle the investigation.  I know that doing the investigation internally is their policy, but it would increase confidence in the results of that investigation to have an outside agency such as FDLE handle the investigation.  It would be a good idea for all officer involved shootings to get a look from an outside agency, if only to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Ultimately, the case will be reviewed by the State Attorney, and I applaud that second-level oversight.

Thanks to NBC-2 for tracking down the calls:


7 responses to “Tommy Kollman update 1/3/13

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  2. Something here is really suspect with LCSO. Why did they quickly release the info about yesterday’s “Death by LCSO”? It’s been 3 weeks since Tommy’s murder and LCSO just finally released the 911 tapes, and just today released the info that Tommy had a loaded AK-47 in his vehical. Anybody that knew Tommy well, knew that he had an AK-47. So it’s not like LCSO is giving the public any new information. They are stalling for some reason. I think the only reason they released the AK-47 info to the media was because the latest LCSO murder, which does sound justified, would raise a lot of questions regarding Tommy’s murder.

    LCSO would is stalling with releasing the report on the Tommy Kollman case because the deputy that shot Tommy screwed up. If Tommy’s murder truly was “Sucide by cop”, which honestly I can see being a possibility, then so be it but just say so. The stalling by LCSO is what is putting the doubts in everybody’s head along with the rapid release of information in the latest LCSO shooting.

    Something smells fishy…..and it’s not the Red Tide.

    • Something does smell fishy. It’s too early to say the cop screwed up… because we still have no idea what happened. It’s too early to determine fault when we know almost none of the facts. I urge the LCSO to release information as quickly as possible, and to have an outside agency review, if not take over, the investigation so we know that it is really independent. It’s never possible to be completely independent, but it would put a lot of people at ease for someone outside the agency to review the facts.

  3. I find it all very hard to believe, from the “suspicious” vehicle to the supposed pointing of an AK47… i was in that very jeep with Tommy Kollman that evening, and NONE of the items the LCSO is claiming was in that vehicle were in that vehicle. I know this because I was searching this vehicle with Tommy’s flashlight on my way to the airport and if there had been any of those items in that vehicle I would have freaked out on him. I find it completely UNBELIEVABLE that he dropped me at the airport, went home armed himself with any of this nonesense in his jeep, then went to visit friends on the beach. My last conversation with Tommy was close to midnight, he was with friends, he was fine, he was happy, and making plans for the following Tuesday night. I would like to know who the officer was that arrested Tommy in November on what was a seriously ridiculous arrest (for those who know the whole story on that one) and would like to know if it is the SAME officer and is that what made Tommy’s vehicle suspicious. I think all the facts of this shooting should be made public because once it is…anyone and everyone could probably decide where the fault would fall.

  4. i would not give up the fight, lcso are the only perfect ones GOD made. with that being said i would fight tooth and nail for whats right.. and no, its not the scott police department. too many rookie cops gun happy on mis charges. guess were drinking the wrong scott cocktail.. get him out of their.

  5. hopefully next election people will vote and get him out…QUICKLY…

  6. Something is really stinkin up the room on this whole story here people…

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