Florida State Senator Chris Smith Has Filed a Bill to Amend Stand Your Ground


Florida Senator Chris Smith
Florida Senator Chris Smith

Florida State Senator Christopher Smith has been an outspoken critic of the Stand Your Ground law as written.  When Governor Scott created the Task Force to review the law earlier this year, Smith created his own task force which returned with several recommendations regarding the law.  I have spoken more in-depth about the task force findings earlier on this blog.  I have seen the law used to protect people from being wrongly prosecuted for their exercise of self-defense, and know the value of the law, but there is room to tailor the language of the law for more clarity.  Smith has recently filed a bill recommending some revisions of the Stand Your Ground law.  I haven’t seen the text of Senator Smith’s proposal, but his intent sounds solid for making clear some appropriate parameters.  As always, Crimcourts will be following the developments in the Stand Your Ground law. Definitely check out my earlier post on both the task force recommendations:


2 responses to “Florida State Senator Chris Smith Has Filed a Bill to Amend Stand Your Ground

  1. Senator Smith is dead wrong. The protections of Stand Your Ground need to be strengthened not gutted as his proposed bill would do. Victims that used a firearm to defend themselves do not need to be arrested and treated like a criminal. The only time it would be right to arrest and make a person defend their use of deadly force is if witnesses to the incident directly contradict the evidence or statement by the victim who defended themself. The whole point is to not treat the victim like the criminal unless the evidence proves otherwise.

  2. Any lawmaker against the right of a person to defend him or herself is placing the rights of criminals over the rights of a citizen to live in security in their home or while traveling outside their home. Would one of you against the right to defend, explain to me what you will do when your home is broken into or you are enjoying yourself outside your home and some criminal attacks you. WHAT WILL YOU DO? I also read where I am being told that if I am in a place that I have no right to be, that I cannot use self defense to overcome someone. The only place I have no right to be is on someone’s private property. Anywhere else in this state I will use the force necessary to defend myself.

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