Red Light Cameras Coming Down in Collier County

Collier Commissioners have finally decided that the red light camera program was not only intrusive and disliked by a lot of its citizens, it’s also a boondoggle.  Commissioners voted to opt out of the remainder of their contract with the company, and the cameras will be coming down soon.  (They are still up now, so continue to be careful.)

I find it telling that Commissioner Nance admitted that they were supposed to be a revenue-generating program, as in the past te government has tried to justify such cameras on public safety grounds.  There are indications that Commissioners say there is no evidence to support the contention that the cameras reduce accidents.  Big Brother is not only watching, he’s looking for reasons to dip in your pockets.  NBC did a story early this year how the contract Collier signed with the company was in violation of state law after Tallahassee banned such commission-like contracts for camera providers.  Collier signed a new contract after that paying the company a hefty monthly fee, but allowing the option to terminate this coming February.

Having just driven through Collier several times in the last few days, I have to add that the flashes that go off in the target intersections are distracting for the other drivers who have stopped.   I applaud this decision by Collier Commissioners.

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