Church to be sued for Act of God

It’s not criminal, but I can’t pass up the irony that the family of the little boy who was killed by a lightning strike is now suing the church and school where it took place.  Normally a lightning strike is not going to create civil liability because it’s an Act of God.  We earthly beings cannot be at fault.  However, since the child was in the care and custody his football team, if there was negligence by the coach in taking them out to practice in light of the weather, there could be liability for the church and school who oversaw the team.  I understand there are devices that can detect electricity in the air from miles away, but the plaintiff would have to make a showing that the device was standard in order to demonstrate negligence by the defendants for not having it.  The fact there is a device out there that could have warned them is not sufficient to prove they were negligent for not avoiding the harm.  It could be a slippery slope to extend liability in such circumstances.  It is a long shot to say that the church is responsible for an Act of God.


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