Don’t ask a judge permission to smoke a joint – Things not to do

Damaine Mitchell was in court for a charge of trafficking in marijuana when he made his ridiculous request of Judge Melba Marsh.  He wanted to smoke a joint before entering a treatment program that would avoid jail, and even keep a conviction off his record.  He also engaged in a negotiation with the judge for a date to stop smoking.  Marijuana is still illegal in Ohio, and 48 other states, and it’s crazy to think a judge is going to sanction it.  This guy is looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I was also shocked to learn that trafficking in marijuana has a maximum sentence of only 1.5 years in Ohio.  In Florida, mere possession of 20 grams (that’s less than an ounce, for our uninitiated) can subject someone to up to 5 years in prison.  Trafficking in marijuana has a minimum sentence of 3 years, and up to 30 (though I suspect Florida has a higher threshold to reach trafficking).  Thanks to @drewmagary for posting on this.  #thingsnottodo


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