LCSO deputy fired for stealing… razors

Former Deputy Andrew Sargis was fired after an investigation that revealed he stole 2 packs of razors from Publix, then subsequently lied about it in an internal investigation.  The State Attorney’s office declined to file charges in the case, the second time this year they have declined to prosecute a deputy who has been referred for prosecution.  As in the previous case, there were evidentiary issues with this case that would have made a successful prosecution challenging.  In this case, the lie detector test the Sheriff’s office used in their internal investigation would not have been admissible in court, and the statements the deputy made pursuant to that may not have been admissible either.  There have been instances of the State Attorney prosecuting law enforcement officers in this jurisdiction.  The most appalling concern with this charge, is that he was apparently shoplifting in uniform.  #badcops


One response to “LCSO deputy fired for stealing… razors

  1. Any other examples of cops getting a break when they break the law?

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