OJ Simpson headed back to court.

O.J. Simpson mug shot

OJ Simpson is asking for a new trial in his Las Vegas robbery case.  Simpson has filed an ineffective assistance of counsel motion, which is a standard motion after the appeals have run their course.  The primary grounds are that his attorney, Yale Galanter, had financial interests in the case that gave him a conflict of interest, and that he was not advised of the State’s plea offer.  For the first claim to succeed, Simpson’s attorneys will have to convince a judge that a different attorney would have done something differently if not for the conflict; otherwise there was no harm to Simpson.  The State may call Galanter to the stand to testify whether he presented the plea offer to Simpson, as Simpson claims he would have accepted the offer.  These motions are commonly filed, and are a long shot.  The judge has allowed a hearing, which means that sufficient allegations have been raised, but the burden will be on Simpson to prove the truth fo the allegations, and that a different result would have been likely.

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