Jerry Sandusky gets 30 years plus… UPDATE

Sandusky gets sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. He’s old enough that it will certainly be a life sentence.  Or a death sentence, depending on your outlook, as either way he will die in prison.  It’s a just sentence, as the pattern of abuse he directed at young, innocent, susceptible victims warrants a punishment that never lets him out again.

Sandusky released a recording on Monday, denying wrongdoing and charging the judge with pushing the case to trial too quickly.  He’s pointing fingers, just not at himself for his despicable acts.  He was tried, and found guilty by a jury to almost all of the counts he faced.  The fact that the jury acquitted him is indicative that they were a thoughtful jury.  They didn’t just throw the book at him for everything they could have, everything he was accused of.  They found that some of the counts were not proven, and found him not guilty on those counts.  They weren’t trying to convict him just because they thought he was evil, but because the other counts were proven. 

There are some interesting issues on appeal, which I am more interested in than the sentencing, as a life sentence was a near certainty.  Sandusky’s attorney complained repeatedly that the case was pushed to trial quickly, and it was for such a complicated, multi-victim case.  He tried to get off the case, saying he could not be prepared for trial, but the judge denied that motion.  However, the burden is on the Defendant to demonstrate the trial courts error in order to overturn the verdict, and even then, he will just have to come back and be tried again.  I don’t see the case coming back, but I didn’t watch the whole thing.  Crimcourts will follow it, but it will be a long time before the appeal is decided.

UPDATE: Deadspin has the full text of Sandusky’s statement here.

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