Sarah Jones set for court this morning: UPDATE

former Ben-Gal captain, sarah jones

Sarah Jones

Former Ben-Gal Sarah Jones is set for court at 9:00 this morning.  As last report, she is slated to accept a plea deal, but no details have been made available. has gotten confirmation from her attorney, Eric Deters, that she and her mother are prepared to enter plea deals.  Deters has not responded to a twitter inquiry.  Sadly for Crimcourts, I may run out of excuses to run pictures of the lovely Ms. Jones on the blog.  I hope to have updates later today.  #sarahjones

UPDATE: The deal does not include jail time, and she will not have to register as a sex offender, per WCPO.COM and reporter Kendall Herold.  The judge still has to accept the deal, and apparently isn’t too happy about something.

3 responses to “Sarah Jones set for court this morning: UPDATE

  1. I’m a nice person and I let people borrow my phone (e.g. because my friend loses her phone, or her cell phone battery dies). Should I stop being a good Samaritan? Is it just corroborating evidence of a sex crime, so don’t sweat it?

    Forget Sarah Jones’ scenario- What if my friend sends text messages from my phone, and I have to respond to criminal harassment allegation or a civil restraining order?

    Oh, and what’s your take on the new stalking statute?

    • There’s alwasy a chance that if someone abuses your phone, you could have to answer for what they do with it- if there is confusion over who is sending it. That said, it is exceptionally hard to demonstrate who the sender is, regardless of what phone originates a message (or email or facebook or other account), because it has to be proven who sends the message. I once had a client arrested because his mom talked to his ex. It got dropped, but the knee-jerk law enforcement action cost him a few days in jail before we could get it in front of a judge. So, be careful who you lend your phone to, and never give out your account log-in info!

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