Sarah Jones plea deal accepted by judge

Sarah Jones

former Ben-Gal Sarah Jones

According to WCPO’s Kendall Herold, the plea deal has gone through.  Ms. Jones left the courthouse holding hands with the victim.  As part of the deal, Ms. Jones admitted to the improper, sexual relationship with the student.  She will not have to register as a sex offender, and will not serve jail time.  That’s the update from Ms. Herold from the courthouse, I’m sure will have the full story up shortly.  Follow @kendallherold on Twitter. #sarahjones

UPDATE: Details are up on  She got two five years of probation.  It appears she pled to custodial interference and something related to the sexual misconduct charge (UPDATE: misdemeanor sexual misconduct).  As I expected, there was a reduction to misdemeanors, and no sex-offender designation to entice her to enter the plea.  Her mother also pled to a misdemeanor reduction.  It souns like a pretty fair resolution, as the victim and his family were not seeking the prosecution, and going through a trial would have been stressful for everyone involved.

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  1. Nice picture

    • Indeed- it’s kind of pandering for page views, but hey- perhaps one of those people will also click on a link about the assault on free speech, or questionable search and seizures!

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