Squirrel and horse related DUI news

Dewey the squirrel- in action

Of course, in Florida:  Dewey the squirrel runs rampant in Fleming Island:  (get it, ‘Dewey’?)

This was a top story on cnn.com, and I had to share.  Warren Michael was driving with his new pet squirrel, and says it got in his shirt and caused the erratic driving that led to a DUI arrest.  Also, he’d had a few drinks.  Riding with a squirrel = not illegal, but driving with your “normal faculties impaired” is illegal, regardless of whether you’ve got ants in your pants.  I suspect the squirrel was no longer in his shirt when he was asked to perform the field sobriety exercises.

Reminder, if you are ever charged with a crime… ANY crime, and the press comes calling, call your attorney before you talk to them!

Now, can one of my journalist friends explain to me why the reporter included the ‘action shot’ of him walking up to the house to do the interview?

Charles Cowart mug shot

Also in Florida: Man arrested for after drunken horse-riding adventure:

Not far from Dewey’s antics, a man in Bunnel, Florida was arrested after a little rampage while drunkenly riding around on a horse.  Charles Cowart has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, aggravated fleeing, and animal cruelty.  He was riding around in major traffic on US 1: apparently he even caused a train to stop.  As far as I can tell, no DUI charges.  I don’t think a DUI can be charged on a horse in Florida, though that’s not as bad as animal cruelty, a felony.  This happened in the middle of the afternoon.  Spectacular.


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