Highway Robbery, more on the Amanda Linscott case: EXCLUSIVE

I speculated before that the Sex/Driving/Robbery/Gun/Crash case involving Amanda Linscott had a lot more than meets the eye when I first saw the story.  I spoke to Ms. Linscott’s attorney at Brown, Suarez & Rios and confirmed that there was a lot more going on that the media had reported.  Crimcourts has now obtained a copy of the actual police report, the Probable Cause Affidavit [PCA], and holy cow the other side of the story is monumental.

According to Detective Korte-Sweede, after Ms. Linscott fled from her accuser, her father flagged down law enforcement to give her side of the story.  What you haven’t heard in the media is that Ms. Linscott told deputies that Glenn Aspen instigated the incident by trying to force her to engage in sex acts.  That’s a pretty important detail.  Additionally, the gun was legally possessed, it belongs to Ms. Linscott’s father and she had a permit to carry it.  Also, the Detective found Mr. Aspen to be impaired when she initially responded to the scene. 

Coupling these new allegations, with the fact that Ms. Linscott bore injuries from being punched (and from the car crash), we must have serious concerns about the validity of these charges.  In fact, if Ms. Linscott’s story is to be believed, she was the victim of an attempted sexual assault that day.  Certainly Mr. Aspen committed the offenses of DUI with Property Damage and Leaving the Scene of an Accident and Prostitution.  It is difficult to discern what happened inside the car, but we do know that only Ms. Linscott got beat up.

After reading the PCA, I got upset with the media for not including the other half of the story… until I checked the press release from the Sheriff’s Office. Guess what, the Sheriff’s release only told the accuser’s version of the story.  The completely left out that Ms. Linscott claimed to be the victim.  Sadly, the media just ran with the story, instead of doing a minimal amount of research to report both sides of the story.  Crimcourts will keep digging, to provide you with the whole truth.

7 responses to “Highway Robbery, more on the Amanda Linscott case: EXCLUSIVE

  1. the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. wasn’t there supposedly ANOTHER female that Glenn Aspen supposedly paid money for sex to?

    • Yes- he did, though that detail did make most of the news stories. It’s unclear from the news stories, but Mr. Aspen claims the other girl ripped him off- took his money but didn’t render services. He paid for sex, but claims he didn’t get any…

  2. and that is crime on HIS part obviously cause sex for money is not legal in florida.. but still does not warrant her pulling a gun on him?

  3. Omg. She is a druggie whore. She is lying. I do not believe her side of the story. I feel the man should get charged. But this bitch is wanted in N.H. and she just got off probation. She is a scumbag and o hope she rots in jail. And for anyone who wants to say to me what do you know. I can say I know the bitch. And her character is that of a selfish person who only cares about herself. And I say again it’s to bad this poor asshole didn’t get the gun and sjoot her. He’d be doing the whole world a favor.

  4. Oh and by the way if the had sex while he was driving, how could he have “raped” or “attempted to rape” her???????? Her story makes as much sense as his does. Throw them both in jail.

  5. Perhaps come clarification is appropriate. He says they were having sex while driving, she denies that. According to her story, her tried to force her to perform “sex acts” on him while driving. Her story makes more sense than his…

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