Amanda Linscott exclusive update on Crimcourts

Amanda Linscott was arrested Tuesday on an allegation that she pulled a gun to rob a guy while having sex with him in a car.  He claims he punched her in the face, wrecked the car, and she ran off.  Ms. Linscott has retained Brown, Suarez & Rios, one of the premium criminal defense firms in Southwest Florida to represent her on the case.  As Crimcourts has a special relationship with the firm (I used to work there,) I am able to provide some exclusive insights from speaking to partner Christopher Brown, one of the attorneys working on the case.

While Mr. Brown can’t give me all the details on the case, suffice it to say I’m adding a #standyourground hashtag to my posts on Ms. Linscott.  I said yesterday that the story didn’t make sense, and I had a strong inclination that there was quite a bit that I was reading between the lines.  One key piece of information that bears heavily on figuring out what’s going on is that the alleged victim ran away from the scene after wrecking his car.  He claims that he was scared of her, but she had already run away from him!

Now, this information begs the question: “Why would somebody run away from their car accident?”  Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in its own right.  We know that the victim had been hanging out at a bar (picking up hookers).  Indications are he had been drinking before he drove and wrecked his car, which would explain his flight from the accident.

Exhibit A

Also, we know he punched Ms. Linscott in the face (see Exhibit A.)  Now this drinking-driving, hooker-buying, girl-punching guy wrecks his car, knows he’s facing charges for Driving Under the Influence (with Damage) and Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Battery has to come up with a story to tell the cops so he won’t go to jail.  We know what story he came up with.  Does it add up?  Consider this: why would she try to rob a guy that didn’t have enough money to pay her friend for services rendered?  That doesn’t make sense, and the “victim’s” story doesn’t make sense.  Now that I know more, I urge anyone reading this to hold off on making judgments in the case until both sides of the story are heard.

I hope the State Attorney’s office scrutinizes this case very carefully before filing charges: the whole case is based on a victim whose testimony is very, very questionable.  I know that Chris Brown, Scott Weinberg and the BSR team will vigorously defend her.  I will continue to follow the case right here on Crimcourts: tell your friends! #highwayrobbery

2 responses to “Amanda Linscott exclusive update on Crimcourts

  1. Haha this is not so hard to believe. I personally know Amanda and she is a selfish greedy person. She is a mother who left her children because of her own selfish wants. Doing drugs was more impotant. I honestly hope that she does go to jail. And for the Alleged victimhe should be charged with drunk driving and buying a whore. As for punching her in the face, well I think it’s a shame he didn’t get the gun and shoot her.

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