Man’s conviction overturned, but he’s still sitting in a California prison

Exonerated Daniel Larsen is still in prison

Thanks to Steve K. for the heads up on this one.  Daniel Larson’s conviction was overturned 2 years ago, but he’s still in prison.  He has served 13 years for it.  Not only that, the state is fighting to keep him there.  I appreciate that they want to follow the letter of the law on appeals and timing and so forth… but, isn’t there a greater miscarriage of justice for an innocent man to be locked up.  It’s bad enough that the 3-strikes laws gave him a 27 year sentence for being in possession of a knife, but since he’s been exonerated, why would anyone wish him to be unjustly incarcerated.

I hope it’s not about money; that the state is afraid of getting sued for wrongful incarceration.  The article doesn’t say it, but it’s gotta be a concern.  If it was, shouldn’t they want him out before he sits there any longer?  Do the crime, you may have to do the time… but, you shouldn’t do the time if you didn’t do the crime.  EVER.  Cases like this hurt prosecutors in the long run, as they undermine society’s faith in the system.  Perhaps the Governor can just pardon him and do some justice.

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