Sarah Jones court update

Sarah Jones, former Ben-Gal

Just in from the Enquirer: the judge has declined to throw out the charges in the case.  No shocker there, criminal cases are only appropriate for dismissal if no case can be made at all.  The judge isn’t weighing the evidence here- she’s just saying there is some evidence, so the State can go forward.  Jones’ attorney Eric Deters promises some excitement for the upcoming suppression hearing; he’s trying to get the text messages thrown out, saying they were illegally obtained without a warrant.  That hearing is set for next month.  The trial is set for October.

Additionally, and to the benefit of this blog and media outlets, the judge declined to issue a gag order.  That’s a victory for the First Amendment and followers of the case.  The judge also declined to impose sanctions on the prosecutors, whom Deters alleged violated a court order by revealing some of the content of the text messages.  The status quo rules.  The catch here is that the content of the text messages will be at issue at trial, and we may get to hear more about it, then.

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