Lee Deputy accuse of excessive force, minor accused of assaulting him

Fascinating story from Fox 4’s Mike Mason about an excessive force allegation.  So many cases like this are he said/she said type deals, and the cops frequently get the benefit of the doubt.  This one is on video, and the video seems to contradict the deputy’s statement that she “struck Deputy Hill in the arm and chest multiple times.”  Apparently, their attorney is pushing for the charges to get dropped.  The problem with that is, the video clearly shows the daughter taking a swing at the deputy.  You cannot swing at law enforcement, even if you miss it is still a crime. 

It looks like both parties are in the wrong, and both should be held accountable.  A check at the Lee Clerk indicates that the mother’s charge for obstruction was dropped.  I don’t know the father’s name to follow-up on that case.  I do wonder why the deputy was bothering to arrest those gentlemen for their open containers, when he could’ve just issued citations; especially if they were staying at the house next door.

Matias police report

You can follow Mason on twitter @mikemason72

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