DUI for Alaska man floating on raft

Just uncovered this article about an Alaska man who was arrested for DUI floating through Fairbanks on a raft.  Alaska’s DUI laws are written to include boats.  There’s an additional safety concern because the waters are so cold in Alaska, falling in is seriously dangerous to your health.

Here in Florida, we have a separate law for watercraft, boating under the influence (BUI), which carries similar penalties to a DUI.  Boating accidents are a serious issue; somebody got killed on a personal watercraft on the east coast just a week or so ago.  And cops will enforce it: the Alaska arrest is not out of the realm of possibilities.  I saw a guy in Charlotte county arrested in a canal on his kayak, with a dog and a 12 pack!  Boat safely out there everybody.

Reminder, FMPD is doing targeted DUI patrols this weekend!


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