Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, but Sandusky is a river in Ohio

Yahoo! news reports (via AP) that Sandusky continues to profess his innocence.  That’s not going to win him any public sympathy- or from the courts.  Not that confessing at this point would do anything to stave off the mandatory sentences that will certainly keep him locked up for life.

The Yahoo! (which is way more fun than saying ‘AP’) article also has an interview with another one of the jurors.  As a practicing attorney, I’m always interested to hear any insights to the jury deliberations.  Nothing really revelatory here- sounds like a thoughtful jury who parsed a lot of information.  The fact that a couple of counts were not-guilty suggests to me that they really did go through the case victim by victim, count by count.  Good for them- that’s how the system is supposed to work, for the victims as well as the defendants.

One response to “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt, but Sandusky is a river in Ohio

  1. The Sandusky river has been designated a Scenic Ohio River, and is located in northwest Ohio, flowing into Lake Erie:

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