Spider-Man Arrested In New York

The Daily Bugle must have a great headline. Spider-Man was arrested for resisting arrest, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and assault on a law enforcement officer. Spider-Man hasn’t had enough super villains of late, because he was hanging around Time Square, posing for photographs with tourists when he scolded a woman for only giving him a dollar. A cop accosted Spidey, saying he can only ask for tips, not demand money. Spidey wasn’t having it. Our webslinging friend went off yelling at the cop. The cop then told him he was being arrested, and Spidey punched the cop in the face.

Spider-Man sure gets around: we saw him a few months back  posing for pictures in Key West. I have to say he was polite with us, and we only gave him a few bucks. No photos of the incident have come forward yet, for some reason photog Peter Parker has not answered his phone since the arrest.

It’s a shameful day for all superheroes. Worst of all, it justifies the anger directed at Spidey from J. Jonah Jameson for all these years!

Another Big Drug Bust in Lee County

LCSO and Sheriff Mike Scott are clearly making an ongoing, concerted effort to crack down on drug dealing. The latest busts were from an ongoing sting operation in Bonita Springs.

If you are accused of a crime, exercise your rights. Talk to an attorney right away!



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Video of the Naked Hamburglers

Authorities have released the surveillance video of the naked men who broke into Doc’s Beach House and stole dozens of burgers and other things. Crimestoppers is looking for tips to help catch the Hamburglars.

Screen Captures of the Naked Hamburger Thieves

Screen Captures of the Naked Hamburger Thieves

Video on news-press.com: http://www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2014/07/23/bonita-beach-burglars-take-the-beef-leave-their-briefs/13040241/


Man Runs HIMSELF Over During Road Rage

Yes, that headline could also only happen in Florida.

Joseph Carl Mug Shot

Joseph Carl Mug Shot

Joseph Howard Carl (Three first names!) of Gainesville got mad at another drive, got out of his car and started banging on the man’s window. That driver drove off, and Carl’s own vehicle was not in park and rolled over him. I don’t think you are allowed to get mad at another driver when you can’t handle your own vehicle. To top it of, Carl’s driver’s license had been suspended over 20 years ago: he should not have been driving at all.

Carl refused medical attention, but smelled of alcohol, and was arrested for DUI. Cops found High Life cans in the vehicle, and Carl was later transported to the hospital for treatment for a broken foot, and found to have a .22 blood alcohol level.

Yup, Now We’ve Got Naked Burglars (photos)

Naked Hamburger Thieves

Naked Hamburger Thieves

These guys hit Doc’s Beach House, a personal favorite of Crimcourts. And they hit it in their skivvies… or less. The guys are fit, the GM at Doc’s joked that a couple of her waitresses wouldn’t mind if the guys came back!

Apparently they stole 60 burgers, plus some peppers, 3 pounds of bacon, and a paddleboard. They left a little trail of red peppers as they ran away, leading to a bathhouse.

That’s just silliness… everybody knows how Hamburglars dress…

Hamburglar- Still Wanted

Hamburglar- Still Wanted

Chokehold Death Case Report Leaves out the Chokehold

NYPD and a couple of officers are taking a lot of heat over a video in which an unarmed man is choked to death by officers. The police report written directly after the death of Eric Garner makes no mention that a chokehold was used, perhaps because their use had been banned by the department decades ago. It’s poor policework that leaves significant details out of reports, and it’s all too common. Police reports are frequently persuasion pieces, written to justify an arrest or other action, instead of simply informative recitations.

This struck a chord with me, as I just noted the fact that in the recent Cape Coral situation in which the defendants family has alleged excessive force; officers neglected to mention they had broken the suspects leg. Travis Robey’s father alleges that not only was the leg broken, but that he was beaten after being subdued, and that officers then made him walk on the broken leg. Officers summarized, simply, that he was checked at the hospital and medically cleared before being taken to jail. Written that way, without knowing the details, it sounds like they may just have had him checked for alcohol poisoning before they put him in a cell. Yada yada yada the medical treatment he receive due to the force employed by officers. Before the validity of the force can be analyzed, the true extent of the force must be disclosed.